FacilityLive’s Founders Gianpiero Lotito and Mariuccia Teroni on global tv news broadcasts

FacilityLive’s Founder Gianpiero Lotito interviewed by BBC World News TV on the future of Search

September 15th, 2017 – BBC WORLD NEWS

FacilityLive’s CEO Gianpiero Lotito talked about the future of Search in a live interview on BBC World News TV on September 15th 2017. “What is important in the future of Search is how the new players will introduce their new technology in the market, pushing great companies like Google to be better than now. I think that we will have two different directions in search: newcomers and oldcomers” said Gianpiero, interviewed as a technology expert by journalist Aaron Heslehurst during the daily programme Talking Business.

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“The difference among the search types is that: the keyword search only picks out the words that it thinks are relevant; the natural language search is closer to how the human brain processes information; the human language search that we practice is the exact matching between questions and answers as it happens in interactions between human beings” says Lotito.

“The ‘Old Continent’ must start to build a structure of small technology clusters, focused around our ancient academic institutions – a ‘small valley’, if you like, in which economy of scale is replaced by the symbiosis of a small ecosystem, ideas shared more quickly and effectively across disciplines to create continuous innovation” says Lotito.

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