FacilityLive at the LSE’s ELITE Programme (November 4th, 2014)

On November 4th, 2014, FacilityLive is the first non-UK company ever to be admitted to the London Stock Exchange’s ELITE Programme in London.
(in the picture: opening of the markets at the London Stock Exchange. FacilityLive’s Founders, Mariuccia Teroni and Gianpiero Lotito, at the Bell Cerimony on the day of FacilityLive’s admission to the ELITE Programme).

ELITE, delivered in partnership with the Imperial College Business School, is an integrated service aimed at the CEO/CFO (key decision-marker) level, to facilitate structured engagement between the UK’s best growth companies, industry experts, corporate advisory and investor communities, helping them prepare and structure for the next stage of growth.

ELITE cerimony
Elite Brochure
FaciitliyLive Brochure

“We are proud to be the first non UK company ever to be admitted to the ELITE Programme of the London Stock Exchange. We connected with one of the most important financial environments in the world and we paved the way.”

Gianpiero Lotito, Founder & CEO of FacilityLive at BBC World Update – April 27th 2017