G7 Experience
FacilityLive’s first Cloud project


In 2017, FacilityLive was chosen by the G7 Italian Presidency to design the search experience for the G7 Italy website and the official “G7 Experience” Web App, that allowed delegates and journalists from all over the world to easily access information about the G7 events.

An innovative search experience

G7 Experience was developed to guide G7 participants from the travel route choice, throughout the event.  The scrollable widget bar displayed a complete overview of contents. Users could browse and save documents, news, events, but also media, tours, city information and cultural must-sees.

A fully managed Experience

fully managed

people were entitled
to use the web app

more than

media contents

FacilityLive made it safe and easy to manage all the 13 ministerial meetings and the Taormina Summit, as well as the over 400 media contents. The Web App was open to 3386 participants.

Why FacilityLive for G7 Experience

Dynamic interface
driven by search

Configurable widgets
and drag&drop interface

and Infobag®

FacilityLive’s platform provides a dynamic search interface – which returns pertinent and organized search results by activating complex searches for each request – configurable widgets and drag&drop functionality. G7 Experience was FacilityLive’s first Cloud-developed project.