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London CEO Gianpiero Lotito speaks at the International Day of Non-Violence at the UN

Our Founder and CEO Gianpiero Lotito is the first “non-political” Italian who has been invited to give a speech at UN for more than 20 years. He spoke at the UN event to commemorate the anniversary of Indian activist, Mahatma Gandhi’s birth, internationally recognised as ‘Non-Violence Day’.

Technology enables us to protect against threats. Thanks to technology, we are able to fight terrorism, cyberterrorism, digital warfare and physical war to protect people. But, paradoxically, technology also creates these threats” said Gianpiero during his speech entitled “Peace and technology”.

Beyond Google
November 2nd, 2016

Vanity Fair published this article about new italian tech startups that are collecting successes in their markets. The journalist Sara Faillaci asks here Gianpiero and Mariuccia their opinion about the future of technology. “I believe in a technology that can be at the service of human beings and not in one aiming to replace them somehow” says Gianpiero. “Google uses an artificial intelligence that selects what it thinks that could be the best for us. FacilityLive, instead, allows humans to choose for themselves“.

Süddeutsche Zeitung
Many Small Valleys

One of the world’s most influential newspapers, the Süddeutsche Zeitung, published this article in their financial section dedicated to Gianpiero Lotito and FacilityLive. It portraits the adventure created by Gianpiero Lotito and Mariuccia Teroni and becomes the prototype of the small Valleys of the future as an alternative to Silicon Valley.

Main Videos

The Future of Search: FacilityLive’s CEO at BBC World News TV
September 15th, 2017 | Video in English – Italian subtitles | Duration 3.58

FacilityLive’s CEO Gianpiero Lotito talked about the future of Search in a live interview on BBC World News TV on September 15th 2017. “What is important in the future of Search is how the new players will introduce their new technology in the market, pushing great companies like Google to be better than now. I think that we will have two different directions in search: newcomers and oldcomers” said Gianpiero, interviewed as a technology expert by journalist Aaron Heslehurst during the daily programme Talking Business.

FacilityLive: a personal access to information
July 4th, 2017 | Video in English – Italian subtitles | Duration 3.04

Gianpiero Lotito, Founder and CEO of FacilityLive, has been live interviewed by the BBC World News, the most watched BBC channel at global level, in the midday show focusing on the latest global business developments with daily viewers all over the world. Lotito explained to the journalist Aaron Heslehurst the value of our innovative technology highlighting that “FacilityLive will provide people with a personal access to information, in the next 5 to 10 years”.

Gianpiero Lotito interviewed by the global BBC World News TV
November 21st, 2016 | Video in English| Duration 4.08

The global BBC World News TV dedicated an interview to FacilityLive’s CEO in the programme “BBC Business Live”, defining FacilityLive as the “Italian startup trying to change web searching”.

Gianpiero Lotito interviewed by CNBC on the future of Search
August 17th, 2016 | Video in English – Italian subtitles | Duration 7.03

“Every action of our lives begins with a search” is the title of the interview that our CEO Gianpiero Lotito dedicated to CNBC, the global financial and business news network. His interview was broadcasted worldwide in the breakfast edition of Tech Transformers, a CNBC special report investigating how tech innovation is solving key issues and transforming big business. 

FacilityLive: the technology built to be at the service of humans
February 18th, 2017 | Video in English/French with subtitles | Duration 2.00

FacilityLive has been defined “the Italian anti-Google” by the all news French TV which interviewed our Founder and CEO Gianpiero Lotito on February 18th, 2017. In this interview Gianpiero explains how FacilityLive’s next generation technology works highlighting the difference with the American search engines: our platform can provide users with the exact information they are searching because it works as human brains does.

FacilityLive: history, future and connections with Pavia’s ecosystem
July 30th, 2016 | Video in Italian – English subtitles | Duration 11.22

RaiNews24 visited FacilityLive headquarters in Pavia on July 18th 2016. FacilityLive is one of the players in the Pavia’s ecosystem. Interrelating with institutions, other companies and the University, FacilityLive achieves the Small Valley model, defined first by Gianpiero Lotito and recognised as the European alternative to Silicon Valley. Small Valley are indeed all the many small historical towns in Europe that can become centres of digital culture and innovation thanks to young people and entrepreneurs that live there, prestigious University and innovative companies that believes in the European digital renaissance. The video was registered in FacilityLive’s headquarters in Pavia by Luca Gaballo (Chief Editor, Rai News24).

Mariuccia Teroni live interviewed by Mediaset
December 14th, 2017 | Video in Italian – English subtitles | Duration 2.56

FacilityLive’s Chair Mariuccia Teroni talks about the importance of introducing technology to the new generations and the impact of robots and artificial intelligence on jobs in a live interview on Mattino 5, the Mediaset daily TV programme broadcasted by Canale 5. “With the FacilityLive Coding4Kids we let kids discover the world of coding and show them how good it is having technology do what you want it to do” said Mariuccia.

Mariuccia Teroni at Bolzano Orientagiovani (a Confindustria event)
Oct 10th, 2016 | Video in Italian | Duration 2.40

On November 10th, 2016 Mariuccia Teroni presented FacilityLive as the European tech platform of the future at the event Orientagiovani in Bolzano, Italy, organised by Confindustria. Platforms are a possible path for Europe to be competitive in the digital global market in the next 30 years. A market that will open up thousands of job positions for creatives, philosopher, designers and young people in Europe.

Gianpiero Lotito participation at “21 Minuti – The Human Startup”
November 29th, 2015 | Video in Italian | Duration 21.55

Gianpiero Lotito, Founder & CEO of FacilityLive, was one of the guest speakers at “21 Minuti – The Human Startup” event organized by Fondazione Paoletti in Milano on November 29th, 2015. Speakers, most of them startupper, tackled the topic of the digital renaissance where human capital is the main growth factor. Lotito brought his personal experience and told the successful story of FacilityLive that is developing a next generation search technology that thinks and treats information in the same way as humans do.

Mariuccia Teroni tells her story at EUFactor
May 31st, 2016 | Video in Italian | Duration 3.25

Our Chair Mariuccia Teroni told her success story in the “How I met science” thematic conference at the #EUFactor Roadshow organised by La Sapienza University. The event was an occasion of dialogue and matching between the world of science and the young generations between 16 and 19 years to let them grow their interest for the STEMs (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in line with the purposes of the #EUFactor project of the European Commission. 

Latest Main News

Copyright, ok from the digital industry

Our Founder & CEO Gianpiero Lotito is interviewed by Italia Oggi on the need of a strong European digital industry.

European Tech Alliance President Says the Digital World Needs a Strong EU

Gianpiero Lotito, Founder & CEO of FacilityLive and President of the European Tech Alliance was interviewed by Bloomberg on the new digital copyright rules and other rules impacting the European tech industry.

For its 70 years, the academy invites the great journalists

Alto Adige announces the “Dialogues of Merano” event that took place on March 29th and presents our Founder & CEO Gianpiero Lotito, guest speaker at the event, and FacilityLive.

Rise for Wellbeing: the solidarty revolution

Our Founder & Chair Mariuccia Teroni spoke about the privilege of living the current digital transformation for the young generation at the Rise for Wellbeing event organized by the University of Parma on March 21st.

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Italy, the future is woman. Here Pavia's protagonist women

La Provincia Pavese published this article which contains a quote of  our Founder & Chair Mariuccia Teroni, who was invited as guest speaker at the event “From Expo2015 to #Matera2019” organized by Stati Generali delle Donne on January 25th in Matera. Mariuccia is presented among “the 100 women who will change Italy”.

The digital transformation in Pavia under the lenses of experts

Corriere Innovazione presents the first edition of the Technology and Innovation Conference organized by Confindustria Pavia on October 24th. Our Founder & Chair Mariuccia Teroni was among the panelists of the session on the challenges and opportunities generated by the digital revolution in the 4.0 industry. This was a spinoff event of the Cosa Sarà Festival. More information on

Cosa Sarà: the new tech festival talking about the future

FacilityLive was the main sponsor of the first edition of Cosa Sarà: the festival that was held in Pavia on October 19th, 20th and 21st to reflect on future and innovation with prestigious guests coming from the worlds of media, science, technology, work and more. Cosa Sarà has been promoted by the Small Valley Association, founded by Mariuccia Teroni and Gianpiero Lotito, in collaboration with the Municipality of Pavia, the University of Pavia, the Province of Pavia and Confindustria Pavia. More information on

Cosa Sarà, the festival of the future in Pavia

FacilityLive was the main sponsor of the first edition of Cosa Sarà: the festival that was held in Pavia on October 19th, 20th and 21st to reflect on future and innovation with prestigious guests coming from the worlds of media, science, technology, work and more. Cosa Sarà has been promoted by the Small Valley Association, founded by Mariuccia Teroni and Gianpiero Lotito, in collaboration with the Municipality of Pavia, the University of Pavia, the Province of Pavia and Confindustria Pavia. More information on