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FacilityLive reserves the right to deny the access to this website or block any user or crawler at its sole discretion, provided that no access will be denied due to consideration based on the race, religion, sex, political opinions or medical conditions of the users or crawlers.

Intellectual Property Rights

FacilityLive is a company operating in the sector of development and commercialization of platforms and software applications (in the following the “Platform”) based on a proprietary technology subject to patent, in particular EPO (Europe) n. 2347346; USTPO (USA) n. 8,255,404 and 9,519,713; ZA 2009/04753; AUS 2007334863, and others, 46 countries in total (including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Island, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Luxemburg, Lithuania, Republic of North Macedonia, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States). In particular, Hyperlens® (iperlente), Infobag®, the widget interface statically or dynamically driven by search, the aggregation of search results in preset categories, as well as the dispatching of information within said widgets, are covered by patent. The Platform is covered by copyrights (Italian law n. 633 of 1941 and its amendments), industrial and commercial secret (Italian legislative decree n. 30 of 2005) and by all national and international applicable laws on intellectual property, industrial and commercial secret and know-how protection and national and international laws against unfair competition.

This Site is developed by FacilityLive OpCo S.r.l. who retains all titles, interest and rights (including copyrights) on the content of the same (e.g. design, news, photos, videos, graphical layout, technical documentation, manuals, instructions, sounds, trademarks, logos, software, domain names, etc.). All rights to the Platform, of whatever nature, are exclusive of and reserved to FacilityLive (or FacilityLive is authorised to use it by its licensors), in particular, but not limited to, with reference to technical, strategic and commercial know-how, copyright on layout, structure and presentation of the contents, on the software and on the Platform; you declare and warrant to acknowledge such rights. Copyright © and Registered Trademark ® are owned by FacilityLive S.r.l. and FacilityLive OpCo S.r.l. 2010-2021. This Site may contain some material covered by third party intellectual property rights, including logos and trademarks; in such a case, the third parties’ intellectual property rights have been respected and complied with. You do not receive any license or sub-license of such content; all the related rights, titles and interests remain property of the respective owner. You may not use contents from the Site unless expressly allowed by the lawful owner. The publication of any contents on the Site was authorised, when needed, by the source web sites. Therefore, any claim related to rights or titles on such contents will be addressed to the respective owners of the source web sites and the developing entities. FacilityLive’s Events image under license by Shutterstock.com.

The content of this Site may be crawled through any browser, you may link this website provided that the link do not:

  • use any technique, including framing techniques, that may alter or disguise in any way the display or appearance of this Site or any content in it;
  • may imply a relationship between you or any other entity and FacilityLive or suggest in any way that FacilityLive supports you or any other entity, your website, your services or products, or that in any way FacilityLive has a personal or commercial relationship with you or any other entity, without the prior written approval by FacilityLive;
  • damage the reputation of FacilityLive by associating FacilityLive name, trademarks, website, products with any discriminatory, violent, or anyhow not appropriate content;
  • provide false or misleading information on FacilityLive, its products, trademarks and materials, whether or not protected by copyrights or patents.

FacilityLive may at any time and in is sole discretion terminate the permission to link to this Site without prior notice; in this case you agree to immediately remove all links to this website and cease any use of the content.

The Google Maps® Service provided by Google Inc. allows to visualize and incorporate the maps and their contents into the widget of the Site and to interact with it. This service may track web traffic data even when it is not used. The data collected are related to cookies and use data. Please refer to the Cookie Policy herebelow.

Data Privacy

In case you should load or communicate in any other manner through this Site your personal data  to FacilityLive (e.g. to request a contact or submit a Curriculum Vitae), you provide your consent to FacilityLive processing of personal information related to you, according to the purpose and the procedures defined herebelow and you declare to be aware of your rights according to the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and of the Italian D.Lgs. 196/03, as amended from time to time (Data Privacy Code).

Personal Data Gathered and Processed

FacilityLive, as Data Owner under the GDPR, may gather your Personal Data related to:

  • name, surname, employer company, company role, e-mail, phone number when you request to be contacted; or
  • name, surname, phone number, email address and Curriculum Vitae when you apply for a job in FacilityLive.

Purpose of Personal Data Processing

FacilityLive will process your Personal Data loaded or communicated or submitted in other manners through this Site to fulfil your contact or your job application requests. No other processing activities will be applied to your Personal Data.

Your Personal Data identified above are necessary to proceed with the fulfilment of your request, if you do not provide such Personal Data FacilityLive cannot fulfil your requests.

How FacilityLive Processes Your Personal Data

FacilityLive will gather, record, store, use, archive your Personal Data for the purpose of providing via e-mail brochures and other advertising or commercial materials and via phone or e-mail requests for employment interviews and/or offers and contact information.

The processing will be made with electronic and not electronic means for the purposes stated above, lawfully and fairly, applying the industry standard security measures to avoid dissemination. FacilityLive uses a third-party email provider located in Italy and in Netherlands for its email services, such third-party is instructed not to share email addresses and to protect the servers that store such data according to industry security standards.

FacilityLive will process your Personal Data for the time necessary to fulfil your requests and anyhow not longer than 4 years after the last contact.

Personal Data Transfer

FacilityLive may choose to use a different email service provider or transfer the email service in-house, but in this case, even if the related servers could be outside of the European Union, FacilityLive grants that the transfer will be made according to applicable Data Privacy laws.

Personal Data Subject Rights

You may always claim your rights according to applicable law. In particular according to art. 15 of the GDPR, you may request that your Personal Data are cancelled and obtain from FacilityLive, as Data Owner, that your Personal Data are: made available in open form, erased, transformed as anonymous, blocked when processed against law, updated, adjusted, integrated. You can request information on the Data Owner, Data Processor, when appointed, the origin of your Personal Data, their possible communication and the entities to whom they are communicated, unless it is impossible or implies an effort that’s not commensurate with their processing or with the risk for the data subject. You can always submit a claim to the Privacy Authority.


Data Owner and Contacts

The data owner is FacilityLive OpCo S.r.l. having its registered address in Pavia (Italy) via F.lli Cuzio 42.

You can always contact FacilityLive to exercise the above rights by sending a return receipt letter to:

FacilityLive OpCo S.r.l.

Attn. to: Legal Dpt.

Via Fratelli Cuzio 42,

27100 Pavia


 Cookie Policy

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Warranties and eclusions

To the extent permitted by applicable laws, FacilityLive provides all information, news, materials and any and all the content in this Site on an “as is” and “as available” basis without warranty of any kind, including any implied warranty related to the Site or its content, the services or the third-party websites and related to completeness, accuracy, merchantability, fitness to particular purposes, non-infringement of proprietary or intellectual property rights.

You may use this Site and its content, according to these terms of use. In any case, FacilityLive does not warrant a continuous, secure or error-free functionality of this Site. In particular there is no warranty, including the warranties of functioning and security, on the network you use to access the Site.

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Some information on this Site may imply the reference to forecasts, future programs, estimations, evaluation, envisions and other declaration of similar nature, such contents do not imply any commitment by FacilityLive related to their accomplishment or realization, or that such forecasts, programs, estimation, evaluation or other declaration will happen or materialise or that they are not subject to risks and uncertainties.

Limitation of liability

Unless otherwise provided by applicable law, FacilityLive will have no liability towards any party for any direct, indirect, consequential, punitive, exemplary, special damages (including loss of profit, loss of data, business interruptions, etc.) related to the use of this Site, the information or the content in it, including the eventual downloads, links to other web sites or pages, or anyhow arising from this Site.

Confidential Information

If you provide any information to FacilityLive through this Site, such information is deemed to be not confidential and not to contain any proprietary information. If you provide any information, know-how, ideas, concepts and techniques that may be subject to proprietary rights, you warrant to have all the rights on such information, know-how, ideas, concepts and techniques and you agree to give to FacilityLive a non-exclusive, irrevocable, free of charge license to use the information, know-how, ideas, concepts and techniques you provide without any restriction, including the rights to create derivative works, display, transmit, reproduce or anyhow use them.


If any provision of these terms held to be unenforceable or invalid, such provision will be changed and interpreted to accomplish the objectives of such provision to the greatest extent possible under applicable law and the remaining provisions will continue in full force and effect.

Governing Law and Venue

The governing law for any claim arising under these terms shall be the laws of Italy. The venue for any claims arising under these terms shall be the Court of Milan.

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