FacilityLive believes that Digital is a culture. The digital culture is ubiquitous and impacts every aspect of our lives.

To compete in the global marketplace innovative and traditional companies need new skills to keep up with an every day changing economy: not just engineers and coders, but philosophers, sociologists, mathematicians, designers, historians, writers and many others.

Tomorrow’s professionals will need a mix of e-skills and experiences to be able to handle the Digital Transformation and to manage the enormous amount of information that are continuously generated and shared.

In FacilityLive we look for talented, inspired and motivated people who have sound functional e-skills combined with personal attributes like initiative, creativity, desire to learn, resilience and a collaborative mindset who can add value, enthusiasm and innovation to our business.

"Digital culture is becoming mainstream. Companies must understand that they have to modernise their culture. We need different skills to be competitive in the future."
Gianpiero Lotito
FacilityLive Founder & CEO
(European Business Summit 2016)

Watch these 1-minute-videos about our digital culture

European Business Summit 2016
June 2016 – Brussels, Belgium

“Digital: change of culture” conference
June 2016 – Rome, Italy – Presidency of the Council of Ministers

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