FacilityLive’s ambition is to become the Global Search Platform of the future.

FacilityLive considers Europe as a greenfield of opportunities and believes that the creation of the Digital Single Market is essential to empower the European economy by implementing regulations that may allow the European Tech Companies to compete with the same ground rules among the different countries.

FacilityLive is now working with institutions and organisations in order to build digital ecosystems to be replicated in Europe that can foster the birth of a new European Technology Digital Industry. We call them Small Valleys: digital environments arising in small cities with old prestigious universities, surrounded by many students, young talented people, entrepreneurs and proactive local institutions where it is possible to produce growth and innovation.

"Europe won't be able to form a Silicon Valley. But we can create many Small Valleys because the Digital Single Market will create opportunities for European tech companies that seemed unthinkable only a few years ago."
Gianpiero Lotito
FacilityLive Founder & CEO
(from Süddeutsche Zeitung article published on October 2015)

Süddeutsche Zeitung October, 2015
Many small valleys

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