FacilityLive’s corporate culture puts people at the centre of everything.

People here are everyday committed in building a revolutionary technology that may change many people’s lives. So they are continuously motivated and stimulated to propose their innovative ideas combining their e-skills and talent with personal attributes and passions.

They have the opportunity to be the protagonists of the company growth working on important projects in a challenging environment at any level.

"Be brave, break the mould, don't be afraid to dare and propose your innovative ideas."

Mariuccia Teroni
FacilityLive Founder & Chair
(from We Hubs article published on February 2016)

Watch these 1-minute-videos about our people culture

“EUFactor: How I met science?” conference
May 2016 – Rome, Italy – Sapienza University

“Digital: change of culture” conference
June 2016 – Rome, Italy – Presidency of the Council of Ministers

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