In a digital society people produce, share and use information in every moment of their lives. Traditional search algorithms return long lists of what we are probably looking for on behalf of us. But the human logic works in a different way returning pertinent answers to specific questions. 

The way to access information will be the challenge of the future and FacilityLive, that thinks and treats information in the same way as humans do, is the one that can bring real innovation in an increasingly connected world.

FacilityLive’s next generation technology capability to read the data’s info-architecture created by humans and to recognise the information context where it resides, is what allows it to find and return the pertinent and consistently organised information the user is looking for in a dynamic patented interface. This is what makes the difference between FacilityLive and the traditional full-text search engines.

“When you have a real disruption in your hand, in the beginning only a few will understand your innovation. If the 80% of the people understand it, this is not an innovation.”
Gianpiero Lotito
FacilityLive Founder & CEO
(Startup Europe Summit 2016)

Watch these 1-minute-videos about our technology culture

FacilityLive at RaiNews24
July 2016 – Pavia, Italy

Our Founder and CEO at the European Internet Forum Breakfast Debate
June 2016 – Brussels, Belgium

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