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Vodafone, one of the world’s largest mobile communication service providers, has chosen FacilityLive as a contributor to Agatha.

Agatha is Vodafone’s innovative software call-centre system designed to make call-centre operations simpler and to improve the client’s experience.

FacilityLive provided Agatha with a front-end technology that helps call-centre agents at Vodafone reduce average phone-call duration, one of the main measures of call-centre performance. As a result, both Customer Satisfaction statistics and Telco business results benefit from greater efficiency.

Business Case Scenario






Different systems to access

Vodafone’s 4000 agents interact with 10M clients every month.
Thanks to FacilityLive’s technology, the agents can rapidly gather detailed and relevant client information from 18 different information systems through
1 single point of access.

Main Achievements


reasons of contact covered in
1-click operations


for offer activations

Average phone-call duration is one of the main measures of call-centre performance and by implementing Agatha, Vodafone was able to reduce it sharply. Here are some of the most outstanding results.

up to

in productivity

up to

in efficiency

FacilityLive for the Agatha Project

Agatha has a dynamic search interface that allows Vodafone agents to view client information in a single page, organised in configurable widgets
which dynamically adapt to the search.

Vodafone agents can satisfy and even anticipate the client’s needs,
visualising the customer journey in a dynamic timeline.

Dynamic interface
driven by search

Configurable widgets
and drag&drop interface


Vodafone agents can view more detailed information thanks to the Hyperlens®, and drag&drop useful items in the Infobag®.

The Hyperlens® allows the user to open and edit documents without leaving the main page

The Infobag® allows the user to save, download, e-mail and/or print a set of chosen documents

Vodafone Agatha among the finalists of Digital360 Awards 2017


Digital360 Awards promotes the culture of digital innovation and entrepreneurship in Italy. It focuses on the digital transformation and awards the most innovative projects on the market today.
Vodafone Agatha was among the finalists of Digital360 Awards 2017